Poem by Liibaan Hassan Nur Blackfriars Primary, Glasgow

Our World: Our Future

My paws are tired from running, running, running,

 The metal’s crunching,

The trees are dropping like the rain, my kittens clinging to my fur,

The kittens fall into the raging monster’s teeth as the metal screeches.

My kittens are dead, my family gone.

I ignore the pain mentally and physically as the monster gnaws into my thigh,

The red blood spraying the surroundings, the pain is unimaginable,

I scream as the monster’s mouth opens just to close again, crunching my ribs.

My home – the forest – gone, my family gone, the monster took my haven, I am afraid.

My bones are shattered, my blood spilled, my dignity gone,

 My life gone…