Poem by Lacey Ramsay, Bankhead Primary School

Change the World to a Better Place


What have you done?

Endangering helpless creatures 

And leaving them nowhere to run wild.

Land and oceans ruined because

dirty plastic and rubbish is thrown away.

Like you care.


When we rose up the land was bare,

When the pure beginnings filled with air.

We stayed up through day and night
And walked the same way.
When this planet was great,
We all saw
The endless possibilities.

Now look at it
Polar bears are dying,
People are starving
And trees are decaying
We don’t give them what they need.

I want to honour our planet and see the sun rise.
I want to live in a world where animals will run free and trees are beautiful.
How they used to be.
So the kids can play in the oceans,
Where no rubbish or plastic pollutes.
I want to live in a world where it is better.
Do you?


Lacey ramsey, aged 11


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