Poem by Cathy Piper, Bankhead Primary School

Close your eyes

Close your eyes,
Our world, consumed by sea.
Our world, painted with flames.
Our world, pleading for you to stop.
Our world, suffocating in smoke.
Our world, sitting in silence.
Our world, drowning in a rising sea.
Now, keep your eyes closed,
Imagine this,
A world, where glaciers are frozen to the core.
A world were animals can live freely.
A world that is sprayed with green.
A world where birds sing.
A world where we are not polluted.
A world where the earth has healed.
Now, open your eyes,
Look closely with your eyes.
Look at yourself,
At each other,
At the world,
At a future world that begins with you.
At a future world that is in our hands.
At a future world that starts with the young.
Now, wake up.
What do you want to see?



Cathy Piper , aged 10


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