Images from Vale of Leven Academy, West Dunbartonshire

Our young people S3~S6 have come together to plan & design our COP26 Twitter/Mood Board. The rationale behind the design is to recognise what we can do around our own community and natural environment. Our young people want to take responsibility for their actions, with this in mind they have created pledges! All texture and […]

Images from Kirkton Primary, South Lanarkshire

Photographs of P5 pupils work. The pupils are also planting and growing their own fruit and vegetables for the kitchen as part of their outdoor initiative, litter picking and ecycling their food in the dinner hall and speaking to the parents and community members to come into school to support pupils with these ventures.

Images from Wishaw Academy Primary

Our P7 class created artwork that show images of the effects of climate change, inspired by @mrs_mac_makes artwork. Some of our images show polar bears on melting ice caps,  bleached coral reefs, dead crops, people walking through floods, and forest fires.

Images from Various Schools

 Individual posters and collective display work from pupils in various schools.  Rutherglen High ASN secondary Rutherglen High ASN secondary Zara Baronet Cunningsburgh Primary Shetland Blackfriars Primary, Glasgow Designed and Created by Ayla Dumen S2 Trinity High School, Renfrew Rutherglen High ASN secondary Penelope Alonzo P5 Glendale Gaelic Primary School Glasgow Cargenbridge School P5/6, Dumfries St […]

Images from Clydebank High, West Dunbartonshire

S3 students  aged 13-14  years old have chosen a photography course within the Art & Design department. The students have discussed climate change and researched what this might mean locally for them and their environment. The students were encouraged to look for creative ways that they could photograph this through powerful imagery. Some students chose […]

Images from Giffnock Primary P6/7, East Renfrewshire

P7 pupils researched animals which are in danger due to climate-related/sustainability issues. This also tied in with maths week so they included facts or figures 1 Posters created by P6 pupils include facts researched and selected by them based on COP26, climate changes, facts and effects.  Included is a P5 picture during maths week of […]